Friday, June 3, 2016

Freebies at Flintobox

We all agree that fast changing technology touches every aspect of our lives. We have no doubt benefited from it. It has made our lives easy and changing it everyday. But there are also some negative effects. Specially when it is our children and their growth, we are worried about them .

Today our children are so addicted to TV and hooked on to smartphones, most of us parents are complaining that our children have become couch potatoes without any physical or creative activity. Naturally their growth is not as much or how we want it to be. 

90% of brain development happens by the age of six. Early experiences and positive interactions during the age of 2-8 years determines the overall development of children for years to come. Research shows that children need to be actively engaged in 12 different areas for a holistic development. However, in these busy days with nuclear families, parents don’t have the time to ensure that their child is engaged effectively. And this constraint makes children resort to the easy way of watching TV.

Friends, I came across Flintobox which helps parents in this regard. I feel that their concept is good. So I thought I would share it with you.

Flintobox provides age-appropriate activity boxes for children between the age group of 2-8 years. They are delivered to your doorstep every month! Each box is loaded with play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative way. With a new theme every month, this research-based box is crafted by montessori experts and child psychologists, and caters to the 12 developmental areas of a child.

These are hands-on activities that will take the child away from the TV and hook him/her onto meaningful and engaging activities.

Each box contains different activities that covers 12 development areas including fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills through fun activities

Children are exposed to different concepts, ideas and inspirations which make them creative and inquisitive and they tend to use them in a variety of different aspects in their day to day lives. A constant encouragement from parents on such hands-on play will create a natural tendency in kids to move away from TV. 

Their  products are targeted for children between 2-8 years of age. Each box will contain the following four segments:

  • CREATE – An art/craft based activity to create something that will imbibe a sense of achievement in the child 
  • PLAY – A fun game setup which could be a board game, a card game or an outdoor game or a fun family game which will target holistic development
  • EXPLORE – An experimental or explorative setup to feed the child’s curiosity on the theme of the month 
  • STORY-- A storybook on Flinto (the octopus) which is generally an adventure or a moral story that parents can read with and to their child
Please do visit their site. Read their terms and conditions and offers and decide for yourself. Here are some links to Freebies from their site:

I think it will also make a great gift for any child. 

NOTE: I am not endorsing the organisation or its product in any way. I don't get paid for this. I just thought this is a good concept and wanted to share with you all. So visit the site read the terms and conditions and decide for yourself.

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