Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Additions ....

Well, friends the renovation work is still going on. There is chaos and dust every where. With Dasara a very important festival to be celebrated from next week, then followed by Diwali and the auspicious month of Kartikam, I just hope that the work is completed and I get to bring some order to my home. 

Till all this is done, my crafts, my stash and my books all are packed up and stashed away.

Amidst all these, we have festivals to celebrate. Well, can't be helped.

Here are a few additions to my garden:
 Here are some marigolds-golden yellow, 
 lemon yellow and 
  a combination of red and golden yellow colours.
Now this is a baby pink rose.....I have planted these quite recently and waiting for their first blooms....

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