Friday, February 10, 2012

Rangoli Embroidery

I have always wanted to embroider some of my Rangolis using different stitches. Rangolis on fabric through embroidery stitches is what keeps on beckoning me. But I never got to do it for lack of time. 

Now one of my dear friend Peggy Wade has transformed one of my Rangolis into a beautiful  embroidery. Just have a look:
This was my Rangoli.

Peggy has used a thread with sparkle filament. The design has been done in Back Stitch. Isn't it looking very beautiful?
Here is a close up.

Watch out for more of her work on my blog, for Peggy promised me that she is going to add more colour and other embellishments.

Thanks a lot Peggy for graciously sharing your work. 

Well now I am even more tempted to try out some of the designs my self....:)

NOTE: The Photographs of the embroidery belong to Peggy Wade and she holds the copy right.


Ranjana said...

Looks very nice...Rangoli on cloth

Peggy said...

Thank you!!! You are SO kind!!! And copyrighting the pictures, too!!! So very thoughtful! It was easy to make something beautiful when I had such a beautiful design to follow. You are very sweet; thank you again!!

Faith said...

Oh, yes! Lovely! I knew it would make beautiful embroidery!

GA said...

Wow!!! very Nice!!!

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