Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rath ki Rani in my Garden

Night Blooming Jasmine-Raath ki Rani (Hindi) meaning Night Queen as popularly known in India,  blooms at night and its fragrance is quiet heady.  Its  near the window of my sitting room. So my sitting room is filled with its fragrance at nights as it blooms profusely.

However when I searched for Night Queen on the net, I got a huge white flower which blooms very rarely(?). Any way here is my night queen...
The whole bush is full of such blooms, which give out fragrance during the night. the plant does not require much looking after accept for water and some dose of fertiliser now and then. But it requires lot of pruning as the plant grown very quickly into a huge bush.
There was a colony of insects, very busy on the leaves and blooms. I don't know what it is. A fly or a wasp? But I like its colour and its wings.

Well I love all my visitors of my garden...

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