Monday, May 30, 2011

Quilled Shapes-2

Loose Coil

In the previous post we have learnt about "Tight Coil". Now we will learn about "Loose Coil". Both belong to "Closed Coils".

Roll the paper strip as explained earlier. While rolling, hold the paper a bit loosely. To make loose coil, after rolling the entire strip, gently ease it off the quilling tool or tooth pick and drop into the circle templates, to make circle of your choice.

If you don't have one, while rolling itself lessen the tension on the paper. That is don't pull it too tightly while rolling. Once rolled gently ease it off to let it fall on to your work surface. The coil will expand or loosen itself. Adjust the roll with a toothpick to get the size and coil of your choice then glue the end. 

                LOOSE COIL
This is known as "Loose Coil" or "Loose Roll".

Watch out for my next lesson......

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