Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pendant Sets

Once again I am sharing with you one more pendant and ear ring set. 
This is once again, gold plated with little Meenakari work, white stones and colour beads. This can be worn on gold chain or fashionable string or with beads. May be I will use this with one of my beads.

This can be worn with any dress or sari-ideal for office wear or party wear. This is not too heavy jewellery so can be worn on simple dresses/saris, should  be teamed with some good gold or multicoloured bangles. If one can get those Meenakari Bangles or Bracelets, well that is excellent. 

Any way this reminds me that I have lot of pending projects in jewellery. I also have to organise all my jewellery pieces. I have been simply dumping every thing I used in a box. Now I need to sort and store them properly.

Well bye for now...Keep a watch on my blog for more latest fashions in indian jewellery.

1 comment:

Aj said...

The pendant here looks fabulous and its design is great too I liked it