Saturday, March 12, 2011

Summer Times

After Shiva Ratri officially Summer has started in India. Though the day temperatures slowly start rising from January, it is said that  with Shiva Ratri(a festival of Worshipping Shiva) the winter goes away whispering Shiva Shiva....Already the temperatures are rising. It is unusually hot here for the Month of March.

Actually hot temperatures are recorded during April to Mid June-May being the peak. This year every thing seems to be in extremes,,too much of rainfall, too much of winter and now summer. We ourselves are responsible for this. We have to be truthful to ourselves and realise that we are abusing mother Nature to the maximum. So we are being punished for our sins. But how many of us learn from our mistakes?

Anyway last month when I visited a mango orchard, the trees were covered with flowers.
                  Mango Blooms
The mango blooms announce the arrival of summers. I love their tangy smell. When I am walking through a street and smell this tangy smell suddenly for the first time, I feel so thrilled. It is like smelling the summer..there is that excitement in the air..Summers Of India..are but celebrating Summers Indian way.....mangoes, jasmines, marriages and auspicious occasions, melons and sherbets... holiday times....I remember my child hood...:)

Now small mangoes have started appearing...recently I came across these small mangoes appearing in bunches ..I just could not help myself from clicking...
                    Raw Mangoes

Well we are eagerly awaiting our Telugu New year Ugadi-where we will be tasting the sour raw mangoes for the first time....

Just keep a track of my blog... I will post more on the Summers Of India....

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