Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pray for Japan

All of us are shocked at the disaster in Japan. We have been praying for Japan and all those suffering there. May God give them strength and courage to face this difficult situation and find courage, peace and happiness.

My request to you all is please pray for their safety and hope that the country and people bounce back. Whether you believe in God or not, please pray..the more the better. As more and more join and pray sincerely God will help them.

One more thing is, due to certain planetary positions, we may have to face difficult times, natural calamities, unrest etc in the coming months. So please keep on praying. However there is no need to fear or panic as God is always benevolent and will always come to our help.

This is a call to my fellow Indians:

Those of you who give Arghya to Sun God daily, please keep doing so and pray for this world, people and the universe. Many learned Pundits, Gurus and astrologers have recommended regular recitation of Rudra Kavacham, Navagraha Stotras and those living near sea shore should recite Bhu Suktam and Chandra graha Mantras. 

Even if one cannot do these things, keep praying to God in what ever way you can asking for Samsta loka Sukhino Bhavantu;meaning all the worlds or the universe should be happy and peaceful.

My intention is not to frighten you or scare you. My intention is to alert you that is all. Those who believe in prayers can follow. Those who don't can laugh it off.....

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