Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Its Friday once again and I am late in posting the Free Pattern. Here it is:

It is Peacock once again. This time it is a folk motif from India. As you can see the artist has designed it stylishly. We don't know the artist as many a times many artists from old times, might have carved this in stone on temple walls. That might have inspired the weavers or other artists. I guess this has been made into a wooden printing block as I found it on one of my saris. 
                Peacock Motif

This looks very simple and easy and can be used for fabric painting as well as embroidery. Chain stitch would look good. This can be used on saris, blouses, dresses to give that ethnic and unique look.

Hope you like this. So watch for more motifs and patterns.......

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