Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns

Its time for free patterns. So here it is:
                 Free Pattern-Fowl

This is once again Folk Art or Tribal Art. This motif is that of a bird. To me it looks like a fowl or a Rooster. Indian villages towns or even small settlements across the country have almost similar lives. People are dependant on agriculture and allied industries. Those who are a bit well off possess cattle. Every farmer any way has to have a pair of bullocks, for working in the fields as well as for transportation of his produce to home or market. Cows and buffaloes are also quite common-the number depending upon the financial status of the farmers.

But most of them have a few fowls. Their eggs provide them with nutritious food and their meat is obviously a feast. 

The above is a representation of a folk/tribal artist. This can be painted using fabric colours as well as used for embroidery. I feel this would go well with Crewel Embroidery. What do you say?

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