Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crocheted Baby Dress

I have been cleaning some of my old trunks and look what I have found. One of the baby dresses crocheted by my maternal grand mother. She was good at these things and I got my inspiration from her. She was especially good in Crocheting. The dress might have been made in a day or so sitting in the hospital watching over the expectant mother. 

The dress is very old one and has turned yellow. I need to wash it and see whether it can be turned to white. There are a few stains too. I may not be lucky with them. Any way I could not wait till I washed it. So I am posting this for you.

Its  a very simple one. No pattern just crocheted. But to me its value is "Priceless" as it has been made by my Gran who is no more. 

Oh by the way we call it sleeveless Jubbah. It can be worn by a girl or a boy. This was meant for a new born baby.
See the pattern is quite simple-slightly wide at the bottom. It has opening at both the shoulders with press buttons.
You can see the opening at the shoulders.
The pattern is plain simple and the edge at the bottom and the neck are same.
What you see above is the sleeve. It has got slightly scalloped edging. I have spread it in such a way that you can have a look at it. though it is simple what shines through it is my Gran's love and care for her children and grand children. I don't know for whom it was made. But I am sure we have all worn it.

She made many such things as she was innovative. But I have only  those which my mother brought along with her. The rest we could not find. May be they are some where in some old box waiting to be discovered. But these days many people don't care for such things. So even if discovered chances of preserving them may be remote. They neither preserve them for themselves nor give it to those who cherish such things. I feel sad but then it is not in my hands.

Well keep a watch on my much to share with you all.........

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