Monday, February 28, 2011

Embroidered Butees-4


Peacock is the most beautiful bird. Its out national bird. Who can deny the beauty of a Peacock. But the funniest part here is that it is the male who has the most beautiful feathers in its train-tail feathers. OK OK I do not want to hurt the feelings of Males. But then God can sometimes be naughty. Don't you agree with me? 

But everyone loves beauty-keeping aside male or female part..:) and every one loves a Peacock. those who are interested in knowing more about them look here:

Now coming to the main story...I am going to post this whole week(I will do my best) from today some of the most beautiful embroidered butees on follow me on this blog..

Here is the first one. The magnificent Peacock in all its glory. It reminds me of the Indian Monsoons, the smell of earth when the first drops fall on it, the thunders and lightening, and then the colourful Rainbows, the Peacocks displaying their train....This beauty has been captured here in this embroidered butee or patch... 
                    Peacock Butee
It is a patch, done on a stiff blue cloth with silk threads of blues,greens and reds, gold and other metallic threads-gold and other coloured bullions, purls, sequins, coloured kundans or stones and gold beads. The patch is backed by a fabric so that you don't have to bother about the ugly back side showing through the materials. Since the patch is stiff, it is easy to handle.

Below is a close look at the top portion.
                   Peacock Butee
Just have a closer look. These can be stuck on to fabric-saris, kurthis or dresses as you like, or just tack the edges to secure them.

Those of you who can embroider this design  can do so on a thick silk fabric. Alas! I don't have that much time or energy though I would love to give it a try.

Tell your friends or groups so that any one interested in this type of embroidery can have a look at these.....

More to keep a close watch on my blog....

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