Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Rangolis for Diwali

Well Diwali is very near now. This is a very important festival for us. Since we take much care to clean our houses and decorate, Rangoli also forms an integral part of it. here are some simple designs which signify the auspiciousness of the festival. I will try to post as many as I can for Diwali.

Here is one of them CONCH SHELL. A Conch shell known as Shankh(Hindi) or Shanku (Telugu) is considered to be an auspicious symbol and is supposed to bring, luck happiness and prosperity if placed in our Pooja(prayer) room and worshipped. So how about drawing one this Diwali to bring in lots of Good Luck? There are many Rangolis on Conch Shells. Here I am starting with a very simple one.

You can see the single motif first. That is 4 to 1 dots placed like this

                        *          *
                   *          *          *
              *          *         *          *
                    *          *         *
                         *          *         
See the way I have drawn the single motif using these dots. I have developed on this single motif and drew the Rangoli with 12 to 1 dots. You can extend it further according to the availability of space.

In my next posts I will post some more of Conch Shell Rangolis and other Rangolis specially for Diwali. But I will keep them small and sweet-no complicated ones.  :) 



wanda art. said...

Beautiful , ILove India,

Sailaja said...

Thank you so much..welcome to my blog...Hugs to you too dear

Siri said...

This is easy to draw and nice thanks for posting