Friday, October 8, 2010


I was away on one of my trips again. It was fun travelling but very strenuous. But I am happy that I could visit some very important temples. The climate was good, mostly cloudy, raining heavily sometimes but otherwise drizzling. This time too I could interact with some great people, improving my spiritual knowledge learning more about my culture and traditions.

I collected some very great Rangoli designs and also some great recipes. The thing is I need time to pen them properly and also write my posts. But will do at least some of them before I am off to another trip again. Phew but I cannot help it. I have to travel.
Here is a little glimpse.
Lush greenery all around due to heavy rains this year.
Its a feast for the eyes.
I have visited many temples. I will write about them in my other blog.

Today  our festival Dashara has started. Boy there was so much to do and much more left for me to finish while I am still at home. So much cleaning, sprucing up and what not. My garden too needs my attention. I have some new plants to be planted. I don't know when I am going to finish all these.

Any way keep a watch on my blogs for my Rangoli designs, travelogues and great recipes....

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