Saturday, October 2, 2010


Rangoli Made Easy-1

Every woman in India especially South India knows how to draw Rangolis. Most of them may not be experts or able to draw fancy designs but still they do know the art. That is because we are taught as young as possible. those who are interested in  the art develop their skill, improve create and become experts. I have also had an immense interest in this art from since my child hood and created a lot of designs on my own. I keep on experimenting with different materials too. 

However whether we are very skilled or novices, there are some Rangoli aids which do help us for our daily use  or on special occasions. Especially when the design is very small or  intricate or has to be repeated, using these aids will make it easy for us. those who don't want to or cant draw designs can use these things.

Though I don't use these much still I collect them when I happen to see them. I am going to post some of them in my coming posts.

Here are the ones which are made of fibre. I don't remember where I picked them up. You know I keep travelling and visit many market places.The designs are made as pin pricked tiny holes. There were many sizes- small to big and different designs to choose from. I bought this size and these designs. All we have to do is fill it up with the Muggu (white powder) or coloured powders and gently tap in the required place. you can draw many in just a jiffy. 
This is a floral vine design.
This is one more
This is an intricate traditional design.
this is also traditional and reminds me of celtic designs.
This one is supposed to be feet of Goddess Lakshmi bringing in prosperity. these are specially put on Diwali outside our houses into the main doorway  towards our Pooja (prayer) room, as if she is entering our house bringing prosperity and wealth.

See how the designs look below.

See how easy it is.

Some more next time...

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