Friday, October 15, 2010


Lotus Rangoli-7--Lal Kamal and Neel Kamal

Wow! This is my fiftieth post on Rasngoli. For a person who is very busy, I am happy and surprised that I could do so many many posts. But still there are many many designs I want to share with you all. Any way here are some designs for Dashera. I am calling these as Lal Kamal-Pink Lilies and Neel Kamal-Blue Lilies..

This is 13 to 7 dots. This is easy. The center flower is fully open Lily or lotus.

This is 15 dots 5 times straight (one below the other) and then till 7. You can follow the dots in both the designs. If you have any doubts please mail me.

Hope you like them. Some more next time......

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