Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learn With Me- Making of Necklace-3

I did not post much on making of jewellery. I have made many and gifted to my friends and relatives. I have lots of friends and relatives with Birthdays in September and October -Virgos and Librans.  :) :) :).... Well they appreciated a lot and when told them I made it and asked for their critical comments. But they assured me my jewellery was very good and looking like as if made by a professional.

Any way I have a long way to go. I am only trying out simple things. But I have lots of ideas on complicated designs too. I am also making bangles, ear rings, bracelets, anklets etc. to go with them. I will be posting tutorials in my coming posts.

The problem is many a time I have to make them at a very short notice- like some one's birthday engagement or some occasion and in all my hurry I forget to photo graph them. Well I will be making many more.

Here it is


Red beads
Gold (Matte finished) beads
String or wire
Pendant set

Before Starting...

The Red beads are I think Garnet- not of very costly variety. I am not so sure because I have bought some different types in red colour and I am not too familiar with the names yet. I have used 24 on one side-total of 48 numbers.

Gold beads which I have used in between the beads are available in various sizes and varieties; mostly round or somewhat oval. They are available in plain, matte finish, cutting designs etc. In this necklace I have used matte finish. They do look dull but then they are in now. I have used 25 on one side- a total of 50 beads.

The pendant is pomegranate shaped with seed beads and matching ear rings. I have posted about it in my last post. I chose this because the white of the beds stands out in contrast to the red beads. It also has matching red beads dangling at the bottom both for the pendant and the ear rings.

I have used 0.45 mm wire. You can use any string that will hold the weight. Strictly speaking using same coloured silk thread is most prevalent practise.


  • Decide the length of the necklace you want and cut the string accordingly after allowing an extra five inches or so for attaching the clasp. I prefer to string the beads first without cutting the wire or string. This way we can cut off the required length after attaching the clasp without any wastage. 
  • The length of my necklace is 27 inches in total. 28 inches is considered to be ideal.
  • First string in a gold bead then red coloured bead followed by a gold bead and so on...till we reach half way through.
  • Then string in the pendant. Actually the hook of the pendant was too big. So I had wind the wire (to the back side of the hook) to keep it place, or else it would slide along the beads.
  • Now string in the rest of the beads and attach the clasp.
Here it is.

This red coloured beads are very popular here. It goes well with many a silk sari-white, yellow, green as contrast and matches maroon shade saris.  But these days contrast coloured beads and jewellery are much in preference than matching ones. Red colour signifies, auspiciousness, prosperity. So Indians prefer red coloured saris or jewellery. 

I have used a very simple design. But one can use more gold beads. Similarly, I have used both gold and red beads of the same size. Actually both are available in different sizes and shapes too. Red beads are of different shades too. Suitable pendants can also be used-made of gold (polished if not of real gold), pearls, kundan, meenakari, glass, fibre etc-either contrasting coloured ones or matching ones.  

Hope you like it.

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