Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blouses In Fashion-Benarasi-2

I have one Cotton sari- a very fine cotton, hand woven with zari border- a broader one at the bottom and a very thin line on the top for three fourths length and then broad border for the pallu. Its pallu is also very simple. But its colour is unusual. I loved it the moment I saw it. We call this as Kankambaram colour or Crossandra (flowers) colour.  

This is from a place called Venkatagiri in my state. That is why this is called as Venkatagiri sari. The place is famous for hand woven, very fine, cotton and Seiko(cotton and silk mixed) saris with thread or zari motifs.

I prefer hand looms as each piece is unique and beautiful as also natural.

Generally blouse in matching colour is worn with many saris. If it has a border in contrasting colour, blouse of that colour looks good. But here I did not want to wear a gold coloured blouse.

Wearing a matching blouse would have been perhaps too simple. So I searched for something different or unique. Then I saw this brocade blouse in contrasting colours.
This is the actual colour. In  the other pictures i could not get the colour right. This is the pallu with two zari stripes. At the bottom you can see the big border of zari.
This is the blouse I thought would be very beautiful with it. I am sorry I am not able to capture the real colours of the blouse or the sari  in these pictures. The blouse is shiny because of the silk thread. So getting it right was not possible. The blouse looks more brighter than what it appears here.
Have closer look. See the stripes in gold, red and purple-it is looking like blue here. See the different designs-flowers, paisley. 

So by choosing some thing a bit different we can make the entire dress very unique and different. Had I teamed this with ordinary same coloured blouse, it would have looked boring and monotonous. 

These blouses are available in different colours-single multi, stripes etc. you can team it up with plain saris. So why don't you try one?


Walfrida said...

I love this blouse ... the fabric is fantastic .... looks like a very sofy touch!!

Ms Sharma said...

yes the fabric is soft. Thank you