Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lotus Rangoli-4

With me away from my home, I could not post much. Here  I am posting some more Rangolis. Since the festival Dashera  is coming closer, I am will try to post more. Mother Durga -The Goddess who is worshipped for ten days during this festival likes Lotuses. Lotuses are symbol of purity, detached from the worldly things and spirituality. In cities where it is difficult to get the real lotuses for offering to The Mother, we can at least draw a Rangoli of Lotuses. Isn't it?  Here is one- small and easy..
This is 15 to 1 dots -straight leaving one on each side for each row.
Here is a better view.

I have drawn the lines in angular form, they can be drawn in slightly round or curved fashion while joining the dots and the design will look a bit different. Just try this and let me know please.

I would also like to know which Rangolis you would like me to post?

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