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I have this habit of collecting various items of jewellery separately and piece them together to form a set. It is very costly to go in for a complete jewellery set and also most times we may not  like all the items in the set. Whenever I visit the shops or visit the various trade exhibitions just browse through the items on display. I carefully pick and choose various items like ear rings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, anklets etc and then set them together. Most of the time I am successful in picking very unique items. But then it takes a long time to match various pieces to from a set and many a time, I end up without finding all the pieces. It is also difficult to remember all those that I have so that I buy the other matching pieces. Any way the challenge and fun is in making up sets like that rather than buying sets with unwanted pieces.

Since I have been making my own jewellery, I have started carefully collecting, single pendants and pendant sets. Pendant sets consist of a pendant and ear rings, sometime finger rings too. So I will show you some of my collections. Mind you my collection is very affordable, unique and elegant. That's what I feel.  :) :) . Here is one variety:

Meenakari as you know is a very intricate and beautiful art . I love the intricate and very delicate designs. Here is my post on Meenakari:

Ok now for my pendant sets. 
This is a very traditional colour scheme of green and red. Red is symbol of auspicious or good events and green prosperity, fertility etc. It never goes out of fashion. These days this is much in vogue. Even beads are of jade, ruby or garnet and pearls are worn in combination with green and red pendants, ear rings bangles, anklets and so on. So I picked up this. This can be worn on a gold chain or teamed with the beads I mentioned above. 
What I like in this was the very intricate, delicate but traditional design which never goes out of fashion. I love Lotus designs. They are symbol of purity, spirituality prosperity etc. This is a very rare and unique piece. Except for the lotus, the other part of design, thats the vines remind me of Moghul designs of Tajmahal. Well is a blend of Indo-Persian design.
This is another set of red and white. I liked the floral pattern. This is not as delicate as the other one and the finish is also not that good. It has two rings, so the beads or chain need to be hung from both the rings.
Here are the matching ear rings. I have not yet decided the beads to go with it. Pearls, Green jade or red garnet or a combination of all may look good. I will just have to experiment around a bit, before I find the combination to my liking. I will post the final product after I finish it.

So How do you like this? I feel these are great for long time keeping as they go well with cottons or silks and even on a simple gold chain would look great.


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Beautiful Blog, Contains a variety of infortmation on various art and craft forms....

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