Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blouses In Fashion-Batik

Here I am posting one more in the series of Blouses in Fashion. As per the latest trends these days, Batik blouses in florescent colours are quite in demand. Generally they are teamed with any plain or small printed saris. 

I had a Batik sari with me bought in one of the sales. Its pure cotton. Its unusual colour combination caught my eye and the price was reasonable. So I bought it. But it did not have a blouse to go with it. First I thought I would have to settle for some plain blouse in contrast colours. But when I went to the shop, my eyes caught this piece-ready-made and excellent match to my sari as if it was made for it. The blouse is very simple in cut or style. I think with batik one should not go for something too fancy or stylish looking blouse especially in cottons. after all they are meant for hot summers.
This is the cotton sari-purple with white and pink floral design. This is the design on pallu.
I loved this floral vine design.
A light shade of pink here and there added a touch of colour to other wise very simple design.
Another look at the design.
Now here is the blouse. I just could not believe my eyes when I saw it. It suited so well with my sari-the colours and the design.
A closer look.
This is very simple blouse with a round neck.

Other shades in blue and green perhaps even orange (pinkish) were also available. All almost looking florescent.

So what do you say? I felt very lucky to have got this blouse with out much difficulty. well Lady Luck was smiling on me that day other wise I have a real trouble in finding right coloured/shaded blouse for most of my saris. 

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