Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are some more of the terracotta.... Hope you like them. Please leave your comments.
You can see little Ganesha hugging Shiva Linga. You can also see the vases in the back ground, painted in metallic shades. On one of them you can see fishes and underwater plants, on the other you can see the bunches of the grapes.
This is the face of Ganesha. This can be hanged on to a wall. See the way it has been decorated.
These are some of the shell and conch shell shaped plant holders. These can also be used for other purposes depending upon our creativity.
Here are some more plant holders. These can also be used as decorators. It can filled with water and then flowers can be floated in them or fragrant candles can also be floated.
Here you can see some more wall decorators.You can see the Sun God riding the chariot with seven horses, representing the seven colours of VIBGYOR. Then there is the fish. Next to it is again Sun God.You can also see the conch shell and lamp container.
Now here is the Soop (in Hindi) and Chaata (in Telugu), which is widely used in Indian Kitchens. It is made of bamboo strips woven like a basket. It is coated with cow dung, or pulp of fenugreek seeds and paper soaked over night in water, grounded to a thick paste along with turmeric. This seals the holes between the woven bamboo strips and retains the grains in it . This is basically used to separate the husk , small stones from the hand pounded grain. Its also used for separating the broken grains from the unbroken ones. But I could not find the correct English word for this. If some knows it then please tell me.You can see the grains. How skilled the artist is....


Anonymous said...

Chaata/soop is called winnowing fan in English. I know lot of people are asking this question online, so thought of leaving this comment here.

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks a lot for leaving the comment. I knew it was used for winnowing but did not know that it was called as winnowing fan.

Thank you once again