Friday, March 5, 2010


I am so excited about the TAST-2010. I have signed in for the challenge.

TAST stands for Take a stitch Tuesday by Sharon B, a great lady, a great artist. I admire her and she is my source of inspiration. Well every Tuesday she inroduces a Stitch on her site. Any one interested in that can practise explore, improvise, experiment and post the results. To know how and where, here is her site.

The first stitch posted on this Tuesday was Diamond Stitch. Its a nice stitch. I am still playing with it. Since I am away from home, I had to buy all the basic stuff like the cloth, frame, needles, threads etc. So, since I don't have all my stash with me, I cannot experiment much. But with in my limits, I am trying to. I will try to post the pictures, but if not I may post them late on my blog here. I am afraid I have to do so till I go back and have access to my own computer. The main problem is compressing or sizing my photos for loading.

Any way friends, please do visit Sharon B's site and enjoy.....

Keep watching my blog too for my experiments...

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