Sunday, March 28, 2010

Indian Villages-3

These are some more photographs from my travels. I hope you like them.
You can see our women folk be it urban or rural strive hard rather more than men. But they dont get equal pay or recognition. Many a time its the lady of the house who supports the family members through her earnings. Here you can see some work relating to laying or road going on along the high way. See the way the ladies wear their saris. This is the way women (especially rural women) wear it when they work in fields.

Below is a fruit vendor selling, watermelons. Its quite hot in summer in India. So you see such vendors on the roadside. Its a very cheap and effective way to quench thirst.

Below you can see the coconut seller. These are tender ones with lot of water only. As the fruit ripens, the meat appears. Tender cocnut water is highly nutritious and good during summertime as it not only quenches thirst but also energizes by supplying salts and other nutrients like water melons. Its quite popular drink in South India.

You can also see a cobbler sitting under an umbrella mending footwear. Their tools are so simple. You can also see a little Panwala-beetle leaves and beetle nut seller who sell nut powder, cigarettes and bidis.

You can see fruit sellers selling various fruits of the season. They just have a plastic sheet or an old bedsheets to protect them from heat and dust during the hot summers. Its mostly apples, oranges, grapes during the early summer months. Lateron its musk melons, water melons, cucumbers and the likes. You can see a milk man on his bike, with his cans. Since it was in the afternoon, he might have been on his way home after selling the milk in the morning.

Below you can see the green fields, dotted with palms and grooves. I feel at peace when I look at such sights. I wish I could be there to enjoy them.

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