Monday, March 1, 2010

I am away

Hi friends, I am away from my home travelling. I am staying with my cousins and catching up with all thats going on after a long time. There is no TV or computer to distract me. So I am at peace, catching on my (much needed) sleep, soaking on the beauty of the surroundings and the nature- in general, relaxing and unwinding after a long time.

Oh I may not be able to post much for a week or so. But I will try to post some though. Its so hot here where I have come. I am busy with my work. But I am also collecting some books on various topics. 

Guess what? I landed my hands on some of the most beautiful books on Rangoli. I am trying to explore more on this subject.

I am also trying to go out in my spare time to look at the latest fashions, trends and designs in saris and blouses. This being the beginning of summer time, its time for cottons to come out. Lots of whites and other pastel shades with lovely block prints too in the market. I loved some of the applique work on saris. Was so tempted to buy one. But I would like to survey the market more before buying some. 

So watch out for some of the latest new designs. I am enjoying my stay here, though its hot during the day. Its pleasant during the nights but boy very sultry. I am enjoying tall glasses of cool juices, sherbeths, ices and bites of  refreshing seasonal fruits like the water melons. I am also enjoying showing off my culinary skills (quite shamelessly) by experimenting and cooking something new.

So bye for now...Keep a watch on my blog......

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