Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diamond Stitch

Here is at last, my version of Diamond Stitch. I am afraid I could not practice much. But I am happy that I have attempted it at all. With working continuously 10-12 hrs a day and away from home, it was difficult for me at the end of the day to sit in the night and do this. But I am happy.

My doodling of the stitch are here directly on the cloth as you can see above. So I have made some mistakes, since I had to get the hang of it. The first ones are the two rows of the aquamarine green floss. Then I thought of adding the beads with the pink thread. Then came the purple one and the yellow. Actually I just wanted to do some more rows of the yellow floss and decorate it with beads. But just dint have the time or energy. it took me a while to grasp the stitch and establish the rhythm.

Here is a closer look.
Here I used it for couching the silk ribbon. The stitches can be put on the ribbon to attach it to the base cloth. I put the stitches out side the ribbon, so that the ribbon is not attached to the base cloth and can be changed. It would look new each time. 

How about using this as a border to a sari, blouse/tunic (at the sleeves and neck) or for a skirt or for a bag or a purse? I have left the edges of the ribbon with out stitching. But the edges can be zigzagged with out touching the ground cloth, so that they don't fray. It would look good if the centers of the diamonds are decorated with beads or sequin.

I may doodle  this stitch again when I feel like. then I will again upload my pictures.

Please do leave your comments and suggestions.


SONIE said...

hi Sailaja........
i like u using a ribbon in the work....very thoughtful idea.

Carolyn said...

Hi Sailaja,
I like the way you have used ribbon in your work.

Also I must thank you for the pieces you have put up on Rangoli. I didn't realise that this type of work was practised in other parts of India than just Rajasthan.

Best Wishes

Sailaja said...

Thank You Carolyn.