Monday, March 15, 2010

Blouses In Fashion-Crocheted Blouse

Friends I have been out of touch with the happenings in fashion arena for some time now with me so busy with my work. But when I went around for shopping, I was amazed to see so many new designs and patterns especially in saris and  blouses. Here is one of them - a sari blouse-crocheted. The colour is showing as gray instead of light lavender shade. I just could not get it right. The thread used for this seems to be having a silvery sheen. Even the buttons have been covered with thread. There were only few colours, like the shocking pink, black, apple green, light blue and lavender all shot with silver metallic sheen. All of them looked like pearl shades with the silvery sheen.
Here is how it looks-so simple.
This is the scalloped neck on the front side.
This is front opening with the buttons too covered with the yarn used for crocheting.
This is the view of the neck on the back side.
This is the sleeve. Note the edges.
This is the bottom of the blouse. Those who can crochet can make this. It has been made in parts-two for the front one for the back and the sleeves and then attached with stitching. Hope you have liked this.


Madhavi Rao said...

This looks nice and different.

خياطة وتفصيل said...

Will try my wonderful Thank you so

Ms Sharma said...


Lalitha said...

Hi can u tell me from where you bought this crochet blouse?

Lalitha said...

Hi can you tell me from where yo bought the crochet blouse?

Ms Sharma said...

Lalitha It is sold in the shops which sell ready made and designer blouses.