Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Garden

One of my passions is gardening. I love to grow a variety of plants and trees and keep on collecting some rare ones. But alas the size of my garden is small and does not allow many plants let alone trees. So I am into container gardening. Bonsai is one art which lets me to grow many a tree in its miniature form.

I have a mango tree, two pomegranate, one custard apple trees. I have five colours of Hibiscus, five varieties of Jasmine, three varieties of Sampenga or Magnolia, some roses, Chrysanthemums, Crossandra, and other croutons, ferns etc.

Apart from them I am growing pomegranate, wood apple, tamarind, gooseberry, candle fruit, citrus trees for Bonsai. I also have some bougainvilleas shaping up in growth pots. I need to straighten up my garden now as its all in shambles. Once that is done I will be posting more photographs.

These are the Sampenga (in Telugu) and Champka (in Sanskrit and Hindi) flowers. I have white green and golden yellow colours. The fragrance of these flowers is very beautiful and is different in all three varieties.

This one is my Jade Bonsai. Considered to be very auspicious by the Chinese and very easy to grow and maintain by novices. This was my second Bonsai as a beginner.

Here I have decorated the Bonsai with some ceramic huts and cattle. Doesn't it look like a Banyan tree and a typical scene from an Indian Village?

This is the red Hibiscus and used for worshiping our deities. I also have other colours like yellow, white and pink.

Here is Lord Ganesha or Elephant God just kept in the corner of my garden.

These are all Adeniums. They are very easy to grow and no maintenance. Another dream of a tree for novices.

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed in nurturing them and sharing them with you. I just love to potter around my garden early in the morning, talking and singing to my plants. Some times it takes a little bit of scolding them to flower or fruit. Whether you believe me or not, the Magnolia took a long time to flower after planting in my garden despite of my best efforts. Then One day I scolded it saying that I did my best for her and still it did not flower. Lo within a week I saw the young buds.

I am thinking of starting another blog with tips on Bonsais. Let me see, I don't have much time on my hands but then many of my friends are requesting me for tips on bonsais.


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