Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cute Kittens

Hi Friends!

Hope you are all doing well. It is spring time here. Winter is giving way to summer. So Though pleasant the day temperatures are slowly rising.

Well I am recovering slowly. So there is some progress and hope.

Now it is nearing exam time for all students. Every one is busy, completing the last few lessons and preparing for exams during the next two months. So I am busy 24X7, answering their queries and clearing their doubts.  You know the benefits of the advanced technology. The kids today know how  to use  it to their benefit. So they are connected to one another and teachers like us. I try my best to clear their doubts as soon as possible no matter what the time is. 

Though I am busy with the present students, I need to prepare for the new batch. I am excited as usual, but this time around, I want to introduce new methods of teaching and also teaching aids and see how useful they are to me and my students. There is always scope for improvements, isn't it?

Oh, by the way here are some pics of  three cute kittens. My garden and shed seems to be favorite for the cats to keep their young ones safe and cosy.

We have an old sink lying around. I thought instead of throwing it away, I will use it as a planter. But before I could do so, these little ones, made it as their play ground.

The boldest one entered it to inspect it and found a convenient spot to take a nap. Then slowly other two followed.

Since I was clicking them they were looking up at me. They love the spot and play there. But if I venture any where near them, they just rush off. So I couldn't take more pics.

That is all for now. We are cleaning our house. Lots of  stuff which we don't use at all or use very rarely. So it is time now to throw it all away.

I also need to shape up my garden in next few days as summer is at our door step. Thus time around, we are expecting, blazing heat. So we have to be prepared for that...

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